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Everyday there's stocks that move up 100-300%, they are usually penny stocksPenny stocks due to their low price have the potential to make these huge moves.  Finding these penny stock big movers can be hard if you don't have the time and tools.  You can invest all your life and maybe when you're 75 you might be rich. Or you can try to get rich now. The buy and hold blue chip strategy doesn't work anymore.  I'm not saying every penny stock will blow up but the gains seen in penny stocks can be extraordinary! Gains of 100% - 300% can easily be seen in days. Don't believe me?

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One alert, FRPT went from $2.15 to $31.16 representing a gain of 1,349%!! Another penny stock pick went up over 2,400% in one month!
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A This is a raw look into the penny stock trading world.  This is no non sense style without all the market updates.  I have been trading 15 years and focus on all markets but primarily penny stocks.

What are Penny stocks? Penny stocks are usually defined as stocks that trade on the OTC BB or Pink Sheets exchange. Many consider penny stocks anything under $5.

Why penny stocks? Finding a stock that goes from $10 to $300 can be very hard, but finding penny stocks that goes from .10 to $3 is a lot easier. Check out some of my huge penny stocks winners to the right!! strive to be the #1 penny stock site on the net.  We specialize in analyzing the markets for chart patterns and trends.

Penny Stocks can make gains up to 500% in one day. If you're looking for small gains invest in a mutual funds.

Our recommendation is to never invest with more than you can lose. Penny stocks can pose significant risk to your capital.

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